lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Day 17 (End)

Day 17 (End)

The day when we would come back to Buenos Aires finally came and I was a little sad, I had a great journey so I didn't want to go home, but now that it spent almost five months and I'm writing the last words of this trip I can say that the memories and amazing moments that I lived in it I will not forget them!

And I remember that I wasn't sure of making this trip, that the trip ended being something AMAZING!! The effort that I did also worth it and I hope I could repeat a trip like this again soon, I think taht with my friend we're talking about Europe 2012! At least, that's what we hope, everything on the right time, and with effort everything can be made! So when you want something put all your energy on it because sometimes you can do it! And I know it!

Well, the things I will NEVER forget are the two shows of Mars, to have met all of them this time, also have met some great Echelon showing what is really being Echelon!, two very crazy people like LH and Coffee (and I thought that the Argentinians were crazy!), and I miss my carrot cake that I can find here, but they aren't the same!

Finally, and I say goodbye to this trip, I want to say thanks to my partner, who suffer me those long 17 days! She got me up every time I fell in lazyness and madness! She also helped me to communicate in the entire trip, because at that time I knew less English than I know now! and she had to manage all the problems, thanks Pao for sharing this journey with me, I know that if we hadn't gone together, hadn't been the same, I hope to share with you another trip at some point (if it's possible, Europe 2012! lol) and I hope you had fun with me as I did with you!

Thanks to all who read these days of my trip in the U.S., I also gonna write my trip to Milan in 2009, until it a new journey began and can tell you my experience here!


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  1. Any time dear... any time :) No tenés nada que agradecerme fué un viaje i-nol-vi-da-ble